Based upon two consultant reports, PEI 2012 and ATESB 2021, and ICAMP, Ken Hermann recommends the following priorities for road replacement, with one caveat: rainy weather. 

When it rains, some roads immediately develop potholes, some of which are very deep. The potholes will often fill up with water and hide the depth and danger of the holes. This poses a significant risk to both cars and motorcycles and factors into the equation for safety, risk and liability.

Speed also factors into the equation. Traffic on El Colegio Road, for example, with its 35 mph speed limit, is more dangerous in rainy weather than the bus circle with speeds typically under 5 mph.  The bus circle PCI under static conditions may be lower than El Colegio and thus give it a higher priority for replacement, however, when all factors are considered, priorities need to be adjusted accordingly.

2022 Priorities:

1. El Colegio Road

2. Ocean Road (from El Collegio to Manzanita Village)

3. UCEN Road

4. Harder Stadium Road

5. Slough Road - West Campus

6. Faculty Club Road from Campus Green to UCEN

7. West Campus Childcare Road

8. Bus Circle

Note: The bad section of Mesa Rd is currently being addressed by the Munger Building (Mesa-Harder intersection to EH&S Building)

The 2012 PEI report goes into details and options and costs for each road and how to address pavement & base options.

ICAMP & 2021 ATESB are assessment reports with conditions, costs, etc.

Ken recommends that we have ATESB do the 30 percent Conceptual Design for roads, signage and striping, which are all related and currently in bad shape and not up to code. When funding is available, they should then be hired to complete the 100% Design Phase.

This list of priorities is independent on what Budget and Planning is aware of with projects.  Ken is looking at it from an engineering, safety, risk and liability point-of-view.

Other references include UCOP Be Smart About Safety priority funding requests.

January 26, 2022