Classroom design and renovation


Entering a well-designed, well-equipped, and well-maintained classroom can be an uplifting experience for faculty and students alike. It can help inspire better instruction as well as provide an environment for better learning.

The Classroom Design and Renovation Committee at UCSB is committed to the finest design, functionality, and maintenance of all of its lecture halls, classrooms, and seminar rooms. In addition, the close working relationship among the Departments of Instructional Development, Facilities Management, and the Offices of the Registrar and Executive Vice Chancellor has made it possible to keep abreast of new technologies and instructional techniques, renovation needs, and the critical funding and scheduling of ongoing upgrades and maintenance.


planning for the Best

RECENT innovations and renovations have included the installation of new computer lecterns

and data projectors in a number of previously unequipped classrooms

as well as the complete physical renovation of HSSB.


FUTURE renovations - will focus on the larger lecture halls.

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